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Lightning Warrior Raidy Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
The heroine
Alright, let's begin...
Fighting a werebat
Hmm, it looks empty...
The log tracks everything that has been said in the game... which is not much
Fighting a wererat. Before...
...and after. Poor wererat!
Found a cell with prisoners
Scene with a boss character
Yeah, now you're talking!
An unremarkable item screen
Chests usually contain valuable potions. Other chests contain weapons and armor. Chests are not viewable while exploring and are only discovered if the player moves into the same tile as the chest.
Level 2 - The skeleton is the weakest monster in this level.
Level 2 - The minotaur packs a pretty mean punch, despite looking like a domesticated cow.
Level 2 - The chimera uses a special recover attack that may inflict some serious damage.
Level 2 - The Sorceress is the level 2 boss. She is capable of devastating magical attacks.
Level 3 - The cerberus is the upgraded version of the level 2 chimera, capable of special recovery attacks.
Level 3 - When the ghosts attacks, a successful hit by her will drain the player's mana reserves.
Level 3 - The powerful lamia combines poison melee attacks and magical spells, making her an extremely fearsome opponent.