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Limbo of the Lost (Windows)

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Written by  :  Fredrik NOD (46)
Written on  :  Dec 12, 2010
Rating  :  1.17 Stars1.17 Stars1.17 Stars1.17 Stars1.17 Stars
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So bad that it is funny

The Good

The best part about this game is reading about its creation. Go ahead, google it. Many parts of the game are so poorly made that they become funny, for all the wrong reasons.

The Bad

Oh, where to start? The puzzle design is downright horrible. Some of the logic that you need to use to solve these puzzles are worse than the cat hair moustache puzzle of gabriel knight 3. And while the (stolen) background art might look nice on its own, all the characters & objects that you can interact with are poorly pasted onto it. The voice acting is, for the most part, horrible, and the script is about as bad.

The Bottom Line

If it were not for all the stolen art & sound that this game contains, it would most likely have been forgotten a long time ago. This is an adventure game at its worst, there is a great deal of pixel hunting & puzzles that don't make any sense, and the game simply feels unprofessionally made. The most fun anyone will have with this game is to read about all the things going on around it.