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Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader Credits

For Reflexive Entertainment

ProducerLars Brubaker
Co‑ProducerIon Hardie
Lead ProgrammerJames C. Smith
ProgrammersLars Brubaker, Lee Cooper, Simon Hallam
Art DirectorJeff McAteer
ArtistsMike Colonnese, Chung Ho Kan, Chad Max, Ji Young Park, Mike Suyo, Erik Van Pelt, Zach Young
Lead DesignerIon Hardie
DesignersBryce Baker, Eric Dallaire, Ernie Ramirez, Dan Ruskin
Lead WriterEric Dallaire
WritersBryce Baker, Ion Hardie, Ernie Ramirez
Additional Sound Effects and EditingIon Hardie
Additional Character DialogueMichael Rooney
Additional Character PortraitsRon Lemen
Special Design and Testing ThanksChris Avellone, Damien Foletto, Joshua Eric Sawyer, Chris Matsumoto, Peter Trist
Special ThanksTeresa Brubaker, Emily Brubaker, Terri Hardie, Ashlyn Hardie, Elizabeth C. Ramirez, Maryclare Ramirez, Kimber A. Smith, Dr. A, Karista Hennager, Melissa Beaudoin, Lisa Hallam, Theresa Cooper, Natalie Daniels, Christina Dallaire, Brendan Dallaire, Michel Kripalani, Jessica Buckley, Jodi Lizotte, Kent Young, Rex Exitium, Ausir , Saint Proverbius, Steve Kepler, Debbie Hall

Black Isle Studios

Division HeadFeargus Urquhart
Senior ProducerChris Parker
Associate ProducerDouglas W. Avery, Thomas French
Audio ProducerFred Hatch
Contributing DesignersAaron Brown, Chad Nicholas, Jason G. Suinn
Contributing ArtistsAaron Brown, Eric Campanella, Brian Menze
3D Character Modelling and TexturingEric Campanella, Brian Menze
Technical / Engineering AssistanceJacob Devore
Quality AssuranceChris Heidari
Marketing and PRTamara Johnston, Paige Slaughter, Jessica Urquhart
The HickBenson 

Interplay Entertainment

Manager of Quality AssuranceDouglas Finch
QA Operations ManagerShanna Lynne Takayama
QA Product ManagerJoshua Grant
QA Associate Product ManagerMike Los
QA AnalystsPeter Chan, Bradford Dutton, Pamela Ferdinand, Robert Fernandez, Eric Fong, Eric Good, Justin Hamilton, Jeff Husges, Joseph Isip, Erick Lujan, J. D. Mitchell, David Peters, Andrew Rexroth, Charles Salzman, Matthew Sarinas, Gary Tesdall, Josh Thomas, Daniel Westmoreland, Jonathan Wong
Technical Resource SpecialistsDerek Gibbs, Joshua Walters
Director of Media ServicesDan L. Williams
Senior Media ProducerDavid Cravens
Media ProducerChristopher Folino
Localization ManagerRafael López
Localization EditorsOlaf Becker, Carole Huguet, Rafael López
Audio DirectorAdam Levenson
Music Composed and Mixed byInon Zur
Sound Effects DesignPaul Dorman (Duff Studios), Brian Fredrickson
Sound Effects MasteringJ. P. Walton
Voice Over CastGrant Albrecht, Dee Bradley Baker, Earl Boen, Grey DeLisle, Robin Atkin Downes, Barry Dennen, Gregory Ellis, Steve Franken, Victor Gardell, Brian George, Jennifer Hale, James Horan, Roger Labon Jackson, Lex Lang, David Lodge, Mako , Vanessa Marshall, John Mariano, Ed McKay, Alexi Murdoch, Alan Oppenheimer, Philip Proctor, Michael Reisz, Gustavo Rex, Kevin Michael Richardson, Dwight Schultz, Kath E. Soucie, Brian Stepanek, Gonzalo Suarez, David Allen Thomas Jr., Lori Tritel, Tony Jay
Voice Over Casting & DirectionChris Borders
Voice Over Recorded atMarc Graue Recording
Voice Over EditingFred Hatch

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76503) and Sciere (535006)