Written by  :  Stelios K. (78)
Written on  :  Mar 28, 2018
Platform  :  Windows
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An intriguing interactive experience.

The Good

Lion's Song - Silence is the first episode of a four part series. It takes place in Vienna at the start of the 20th century, when arts and sciences flourished. You control a composer named Wilma, as she tries to concentrate on composing her grand music piece. The atmosphere of the game conveys very well the artistic scene of that era. The limited palette of the graphics sets a nostalgic feel and the music is very delicate. The story is also very well designed.

The Bad

It is a mostly a linear experience. I would prefer more variety on the choices and probably some puzzles to solve for unlocking the creativity of the protagonist.

The Bottom Line

Silence has very well thought characters, nice dialogues, and more importantly you can learn things about the past of Vienna. If you like pixel graphics and a story with a good pace, play it with a Viennese coffee on your side!