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Loki: Heroes of Mythology Credits

108 people (77 developers, 31 thanks)


Publishing DirectorChristos Triantafyllou
ProducerPatrick Pligersdorffer
Project ManagerFabrice Granger
Lead ProgrammerFabrice Granger
Game DesignYannick Fleurit
Additional Game DesignRégis Robin, Brice Maurin, Jean-Baptiste Drouot
Level DesignJulien Desourteaux
Additional Level DesignNicolas Leymonerie
Artistic DirectorThomas Veauclin
Graphics TeamFaouzi Hamida, Alexandre Chekroun, Alexis Liénard, Rémi Mennerat
AnimationsMarie Duponchelle
Director of Second Graphics TeamElinore Yuan
Second Graphics TeamZhao Lin, Yuan Hui, Wang Bing
Additional GraphicsJocelyn Zeller, Lon Krung, Frédéric Tarabout, Jean-Marc Beuf
ProgrammersGrégory Challant, Cyrille Legras, Pierre Clément, Benjamin Rouveyrol, Victor Ceitelis, Thomas Machado, Charles Plomion, Henri-Jean Dornbierer
Additional ProgrammersAntoine Villepreux, Tuan N'Go, Pierre-Adrien Branche, Gilles Dugast, Aurélien Simoni, Stéphane Dautroy, Benoit Caron, Grégory Mazerand, Etienne Mallard, Yohann Robert
Audio DirectorVincent Percevault
Audio DebugGilles Camous
Beta TestersSébastien Gautrin, Antoine Irisson, Alexis Fredj, Nicolas Berthet, Théo Sené, Arnaud Benedetti, Sylvain Séchi
C.E.O.Antoine Carre
C.O.O.Paquito Hernandez
Studio ManagerJérôme Vu Than
Lead TesterStéphane Maltais
TestersAlexandre Drolet-Vives, Carole Boudreault, Mathias Reltgen, Charles Fortier
Special Thanks toFreddy Brighton, Luc Martias, Yacine Tahari, All those on the Loki forum
Published byhell-tech
Hell-tech ThanksMom, Dad, Vana, Christina, Dimitris, Maria, Eleni, My Friends, The rest of my family, Christian R., The guys at Cyanide Studio, The Guys at the replication factory, The guys from the copyprotection-team, My Distributors, The Press, You for buying this product
German TranslationEva Hoogh (LOCALAB), Georg Hach (Crimson Cow)
German Voice Recording Studiotoneworx Studios; Hamburg
German Voice Recording LeadMathias Geißler
German Sound EngineeringStephan Grundt (Alstertaucher)
Designed & Developed byCyanide

Crimson Cow

Managing DirectorKarsten Otto
Marketing DirectorKai Fiebig
Product ManagerGeorg Hach
Public Relations AgencyBorgmeier Public Relations, Marc Rehder, Flashpoint AG
Manual, Packaging & Web DesignDER FINCK; Kommunikation & Design, Sebastian Finck, Rebekka Posselt, Kai Fiebig
Technical Website ConversionKuborgh GmbH, Till Kubelke
Additional ArtworkLucio Parillo
Special Thanks toFreddy Brighton, Luc Martias, Our families[which haven't seen us for a long time], The WorldOfPlayers-Community, meditate, Don Esteban, Blutfeuer, Uncle-Bin, mylady, prY, And all the others[for their support and the believing in us}, Kroko & seinen Rüpel, H. G. K. Schmidt (Dr. Priv.doz.; St. Georg; ohne Drachen)

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (158024) and Christos Triantafyllou (276)

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