Loom WalkthroughContributed by Ingsoc (1299) on Mar 10, 2011.

Go to the village and enter the furthest tent on your left, then go to the loom. After the cut scene pick up the staff from the ground, look at the egg, write the opening spell and cast it on the egg.

Exit the village and go to the end of the forest, look at the thorns so the owl could catch the rabbit, then walk to the previous screen and look at each hole in the trees and then write the light spell.

Go to the cliff (where you started the game) and cast the opening spell on the sky. Return to the village and go to the furthest tent on the right, look at the boiling cauldron, write the coloring spell and use it to color the white sheets. Look at the bottle so it drip and write the emptying spell.

Go to the middle tent and cast the light spell on the dark, then look at the weaving machine and write the spell for turning straw into gold. Cast this spell on the straw near the machine.

Go to the pier, cast the opening spell on the clamp and them jump from the pier into the water, get on the splinted tree and sail with it until you reach the storm. Look at the storm, write the spinning spell and then cast it backward on the storm. Continue to the mainland.

Go to the left until you'll be stopped by the shepherds, then leave to the path on the right and make sure you write the invincibility spell. Go to the glass city and reach to its tower, cast the invincibility spell on the workers at the top of the tower, then go back and enter the city from the first entry to the left, eavesdrop to the conversation and then use the bell, now look at the sickle and write the sharpening spell, use the bell on the left and then look at the crystal ball, write the illusion spell.

Go back to the shepherds and cast the illusion spell on them, now you could pass. Look at the sheep and write the awakening spell. Go and enter the house at the village, look at the sick lamb, do it again and write the healing spell of Fleece. Go outside and cast the coloring spell on the herd of sheep.

At the dragon lair turn the gold into straw (by casting backward the spell of turning straw into gold) and then cast the illusion spell on the dragon, enter the maze and cast the light spell on the dark.

Find your way to the lake, look at it and write the reflection spell, then find your way to the outside and cast the backward spinning spell on the stairs. At the graveyard cast the awakening spell on the boy, then go and try to enter the city, when you fail return and cast the reflection spell on Rusty, now you could enter the city.

At the city walk until you'll arrive to Rusty's supervise, he will lock you up and you will go to sleep on the straw at your cell. Pick up your staff and cast the opening spell on the door, go to the stairs and eavesdrop the conversion, then wait until the blacksmith will take a break from his work and cast the backward sharpening spell on the sword.

Cast the opening spell on your cell, then try to look at the crystal ball, go to the balcony and talk with Bishop Mandible, pick up your staff and go back to the holding cell area and then return to the balcony.

Cast the backward opening spell on the hole you came from, then continue and enter each hole, cast the healing spell on the dead or injured and return while closing the holes behind you (in the same manner you closed the first one). Now go to the lake and talk to the swan, continue and enter the last hole.

Leave the graveyard and go to the loom's room, look at the loom and write the transformation into swan spell, then look at it again and write the silence spell and cast it backward on Hetchel, repeat the process with the new spell, then look at the loom yet again and write the destruction spell and cast it on the loom. Go to the hole and then cast the transformation into swan spell on yourself.

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