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The Lord of the Rings: Conquest Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Single Player Map Selection
Loading Screen
Select your class
The cutscenes make use of film scenes.
The spawn screen of the current map.
Zooming in on a Torchbearer for the kill.
At these statues the player can change his class.
Fighting hard as a warrior.
Triple Kill!
Performed a backstab on that archer.
Capturing a point as an Ent.
Killing Saruman as Gandalf.
Killed by a troll.
One angry Balrog.
Defeated the Balrog and won the match.
Riding a horse and killing some Orcs.
This doesn't look good.
Couldn't defend the second ring and lost Gondor to the Orcs.
Legolas doing his signature move - now including quick time events.
The assault of Minas Morgul was not part of the movie.
The heart of Minas Morgul is heavily guarded.
The Black Gate opens and the final battle begins.
Bringing the Mask of the Witch-King to the Mount Doom Forge.
Charging on Frodo before he can throw the ring into the fires of Mount Doom.
Select your class - the evil version.
Burn you stupid white knights!
Playing as a troll significantly reduces the view.
Backstabbing Aragorn in the ruins of Weathertop.
Even Rivendell isn't save from Sauron's Horde.
Sauron himself decides to join the fight. But frankly, he can't really fight.
Ahhh the Shire. Fires burning in the distance, the smell of roasted Hobbits. What a life!
Like hunting fish in a barrel - just way more fun.