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The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
You can create your own hero who can be recruited during the game. There are several different classes and races to choose from.
Or perhaps you want to create a villain?
Use workers to build new structures.
Build walls to slow down attacking forces.
You can recruit some well-known heroes from the books and movies, such as Boromir, Aragorn and Gandalf.
In the process of building a base with the Mordor faction. I have just recruited some new orcs.
Mumakils and the Witch King of Angmar are spreading death and destruction on the battlefield.
Some of the special powers Mordor can use during a battle.
I have summoned a balrog, and the humans are trembling with fear!
Setting up a skirmish battle.
This game type is called "war of the ring". You have to conquer all of your enemies territories, and defending your own. Almost like in the old game classic Risk.
During a session of a "war of the ring game". Buildings can be built in the territories that are under your control.
Different units have different weaknesses and strengths.
The dwarfs must build mines to gather more resources.
The disgusting Shelob is one of the "heroes" that can be recruited if you're playing with the goblin faction.
If you come across Gollum, you can take the ring from him. With the ring in your possession, a very powerful hero becomes available for recruitment. Sauron if you are evil, Galadriel if you are good.
Treebeard and the ents can throw giant boulders. They are very effective against enemy buildings.
Galadriel using one of her special abilities, creating a tornado.
Battle in the dark and evil city of Minas Morgul.
If you play any of the two story-driven campaigns included in the game (there is a good and an evil one), the plot is told with pictures, cut-scenes, and voice-overs.
Getting a new objective in the good campaign.
If you play the evil campaign, you get to play as the "Voice of Sauron", and some other villains.
When you play evil, you finally get a chance to crush those pesky elves!
A battle at sea
I have amassed a large army of goblins. Now is the time to strike at the enemy!
Zoomed in on the battle.
In the process of destroying the Shire *evil laughter*.
You can capture outposts to get extra resources.