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Lords of EverQuest Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game starts with an animated cinematic introduction sequence
The main menu. The background is not always the same, different characters and surroundings are shown. They are animated to a degree, flags wave, the characters adjust their stance etc.
The game configuration options. 1600 x 1200 x 32 is the highest resolution possible
This game art is displayed while the game loads the tutorial sequence. It is also shown during the install process
The game's tutorial gives the player control of Lord Skaas
In the tutorial Lord Skaas and his buddies defeat a group of skeletons and he acquires a new spell. This is the screen where the player gets to try the spell for the first time
The game uses clockwork spiders to mine precious metals.

From the tutorial
The completed building is an Ogre Barracks where new soldiers are made
The building being constructed is a Summoning Star where Defilers are created
A battle!
In reality and compared to what's to come however this barely ranks as a minor skirmish
The end of a scenario results in this screen if the player wins.
This screen is followed by a set of game statistics screens
The end of a scenario the player is shown a 'You Won!' or 'You Lost' screen followed by three optional screens of game statistics like this
Starting a game. First the player chooses a realm, Shadowrealm, Dawn Brotherhood or Elddar Alliance from the main menu then they select their lord
Having selected a lord, or in this case a lady, the player is given their first mission briefing
A mission starts with a short animated sequence. The dialogue is not spoken
The start of a single player campaign
The mission is simple, find the bad guys and kill them all
Sounds like this could become a theme
The first mission is interspersed with short scenes like this which advance the story. This is a meeting between the traitors and their allies
At the end of the first mission we take a prisoner
The start of the second mission begins with a briefing. After this the player has to assign points to some of the remaining soldiers
At the start of a mission the player assigns points to upgrade their troops
Online player is possible via a LAN or Sony's online server. To use the SOE Games Service the player must agree these terms of service and they must also have a CD key.
Pre-Order screen from demo-version.