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Lords of the Realm III Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Loading Screen
Main Menu
We can play with actual nobles, or create our own
Campaign loading Screen
The tutorial teaches you the basics of siege
Our Army taking positions in front of the Castle
Battle Loading Screen
Catapults destroying a tower
Our Army charges when the wall falls down
Moving our army to London
Ready for the battle
Secondary Menu
AIs fight against each others. This give us some time
Diplomacy Menu
Multiplayer Options Screen
You can Create your own Noble House, male or female.
Mountains in the North of Italy Realms
Historic Battles selection Screen
At the beginning of the game, a tutorial shows us how to perform in combat
Our first battle on the tutorial, it looks so easy
Victory in Battle Screen
Courtrai Battle 1302, recreation. The things don`t look so good.
Our troops flee like cowards
We lost the village
Defeat in Battle Screen
Selecting the German Campaign