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Loren: The Amazon Princess Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Select your hero.
Global map. Other locations will appear as the story goes.
A maximum of six party members can fight in a battle.
Ranged attack.
At the bottom of a 1000 m deep mine in the 7th layer of the Abyss, that's where!
Cities have shops and subquests.
When we camp, everyone starts staring at me with cold, deadly eyes.
After the battle - loot and XP.
Levelling up. Despite the appearances, I still felt a profound D&D influence in the game.
Showering the enemies in fire. Fate has decreed that you must die, eviiil!
Romance dialogue options.
One of the melee-based skills; that's an impressive damage.
I am not surprised.
Undead, my favourite!