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Lost Empire: Immortals Credits (Windows)

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Lost Empire: Immortals Credits

Pollux Gamelabs

AI ProgrammingAnders Rosendal
ProgrammingArne-Richard Hofsøy, Jeppe Carlsen, Jeppe Dahlsgaard Nielsen, Kenny Andersen
AIArne-Richard Hofsøy
Story ContentArne-Richard Hofsøy, Erik van Yperen
3D Graphics and IllustrationsBrian Nielsen
Interface DesignCamilla Volkersen
Interface GraphicsCamilla Volkersen
Quality Assurance ManagerFrederikke Hoff
In‑Game MusicJakob Schmid
In‑Game Sound EffectsJakob Schmid
Project ManagerJonas Møller, Rasmus Harr
Lead ProgrammerJonas Møller
Lead Game DesignerJonas Møller
Game DesignMorten Svendsen
GraphicsPaul Køster, Povl Lystrup Thomsen
MediaPaul Køster, Povl Lystrup Thomsen
CEO and AdministrationSøren Petersen Bisgaard
Quality AssuranceViola Samuelsen

Paradox Interactive

PresidentTheodore Bergquist
CEOTheodore Bergquist
Executive ProducerFredrik Wester
CFOLena Eriksson
VP Sales & Marketing USReena M. Miranda
Marketing and PRSusana Meza Graham, Sofia Forsgren
Product ManagerJosefina Larsson
Business DevelopmentErik Helmfridsson
Localization ManagerFlorian Santer
Q&AChristopher King
LocalizationS&H Entertainment Localization
EditingRyan Newman, Eric-Jon Rössel Waugh, Digital Wordsmithing
Copy writing2 Coats

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76451)