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The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain Credits


Developed bySierra On-Line Inc.
ProducerSherry Wrana
DesignerWard Makielski
Lead EngineerMark Marion
EngineersWillie Eide, Stuart Seeyle, Steve Schonberger
ArtistsTony Benedict, Travis Brady, William Olmstead, Alex Perry
Audio EngineersJohnathan Cunningham, Mark Krause
ScriptTony Benedict, Stephen Cosgrove, Dee Dickinson, Ward Makielski, Rodney Sherwood
Creative Script ConsultantStephen Cosgrove
ComposerJohnathan Cunningham
Voice TalentRodney Sherwood, Kayce Glasse
Brain ConsultantDee Dickinson
Quality AssuranceTim Knappenberger, Jay Williams
User GuideNancy King
User Guide (On-Line Conversion)Bill Baker

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Credits for this game were contributed by monkeyislandgirl (8698)