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The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Enter your name
Intro: Dr. Brain is in his castle examining a floating book
Intro: Hmm that's a weird contraption
Intro: Dr. Brain's niece, Dr. Elaina, calls to try to stop him from going forth with the experiment but he dismisses her concerns
Intro: Dr. Elaina races to the castle
Intro: But it looks like it's too late...
Intro: Dr. Brain's turns his machine on...
Intro: and transform his lab rat, Rathbone, to a rodent genius but him into a mess
Main Menu: Select which region of the brain you want start reconstructing
Motor Programming: Program Rathbone to reach the brain
Neural Maze: Can you find your way out of this wacky maze?
File Sorting: File certain items in the colored shelves and then retrieve them when Rathbone asks for them
Pentode: a matching puzzle
3-D Construction: try to construct an object that matches Rathbone's
Train of Thought: Guide Dr. Brain's scrambled thoughts into the docks as Rathbone asks for them
Synaptic Cleft: Guide the neurotransmitters to the receptor cell corral (that thing on the right)
Word Surge: Move the rows and columns around to get the words listed on the right
Music: Put the song back into order by moving the notes around