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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
A Vital Suit which is kind of a Mech. (Ingame cutscene).
The city the story begins in (Ingame cutscene).
The story how mankind landed on the ice planet ist told (Intro)
The good guys (Ingame cutscene)
The bad guys (Ingame cutscene)
Anther Vital Suit ready to beat the hell out of anything with more than 2 legs. (Ingame cutscene)
Wayne needs to fight in- and outdoors.
The city is invested with bugs.
A termal generator which restores your termal energy.
HUGE bug!
The big boss bug destroys the city while we run away.
The big boss bug is still hunting us.
We found a Vital Suit - now we fight back.
A lonely man in a Vital Suit attacks the big boss bug. (Ingame cutscene)
This is wayne, the main protagonist. (Ingame cutscene)
The title. (Ingame cutscene)
Your new friends that help you avenge your father. (Ingame cutscene)
Your first mission.
Snow. Snow and Snow but it looks cool.
Enemies drop termal energy which you need to survive.
A big one. Glad that there was a Vital Suit standing around.
A buginvested garage.
These bugs are easy to fight but come in great numbers.
Those bugs hatch from such holes in the ground.
You need to destroy those holes to stop the hatching of bugs.
Wayne got pushed and fell onto the ground.
The PDA - Your lonely companion.
As always you'll find many things that explode.
We need to reach that storage building.
A rather big bug awaits us in a building.
Wayne found a RPG and puts it to good use.
You need to hit the glowing parts to get the enemy down faster.
The view from here is beautiful.
Bug incoming with very high speed.
The bug exposes his vulnerable rear.
I think the bug hates being shot at.
Inside a gorgeous-looking cavern.
The energy gun is slow but has unlimited ammo.