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Lucky Luke Credits

White Park Bay Software Ltd. / Aqua Pacific Ltd.

Managing DirectorThierry Ortolan
Project ManagerPaul Ranson
Internal ProducerTony Bickley
Lead ProgrammerDon Williamson
ProgrammersCraig Weeks, Ben Wilcock
Graphic ArtistBarry Armstrong (aka Baz Armstrong [From Bad Studios])
Software RenderingAlways 3d™ Licensed From Interactive Studios Ltd. www.Intstudios.Co.Uk
Original Playstation development and graphics by Infogrames internal Team lead byFrédéric Bibet
MusicsMax Le Producteur - Bruxelles

Infogrames Team

VP of I.Heroes LabelCatherine Simon
ProducerVéronique Compagne
Marketing Brand ManagerLionel Arnaud
Marketing Product ManagerJean-François Rochas
Art DirectorNicolas Pothier
Infogrames Development Support GroupPierre Crooks
Design StudioEmmanuelle Tahmazian, Sophie Wibaux-Meliet, Sylvie Combet, Patrick Chouzenoux, Alex Mairey
LocalisationSylviane Pivot-Chossat, Maud Favier, Heike Walther
TranslationBeate Vigliano-Reiter, Beatrice Egea Rodriguez, Monika Steinhauer
QA Manager FranceOlivier Robin
Qualitative Tests SupervisorDominique Morel
Qualitative Tests CoordinationEmmanuel Desmaris, And His Team
Debugging Tests SupervisorPhilippe Louvet
Debugging Tests Team LeaderEmeric Polin, and his team
Special ThanksBénédicte Alleaume, Yolanda Alonso, Pascal Casolari, Norbert Cellier, Nadège De Bergevin, Fabienne Fournet, Beryl Gonnard, Noëlle Rigot, Nicolas Troccaz

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Credits for this game were contributed by Don Williamson (13)