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Lucky Luke Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The Main Menu.
The Options Menu.
You can't remap the keys, but there's a configuration for lefties.
Your objectives for the first level.
This is where Luke starts the game.
I admire the guy's strength.
When you lose a life, Luke kneels down, then gets up and you start from a checkpoint.
Some buildings can be entered, while others need to be opened with keys. The dog serves as your checkpoint.
Clearing the first level leads us to a boss battle. You need to bounce the logs back to the enemy.
A Bonus round.
Shoot the bottles till your bullets run out.
Not bad for a beginner.
You can spend your money on a password or an extra life.
The password system is pretty simple.
Looks like it's our time to shine.
Yay, let's ride horseback!
The first part of this level is presented in this perspective.
Then it shifts to 2.5D so we can kill the bad guys.
An arm wrestling mini-game. Jolly Jumper ain't giving up without a fight.
The 3rd level. Blow up the top part to get in the wagons and free the hostages.
I'm not sure this guy understands that he's being held hostage.
The game over screen has Luke being led somewhere by Joe Dalton.