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Lula: The Sexy Empire Credits

16 people


Idea & ConceptCarsten Korte, Carsten Wieland
GraphicsBirgit Benner, Carsten Wieland, Don Long (Color Check)
ProgrammingCarl Czisch, Alexander Diessner, Helmut Theuerkauf
MusicCarsten Korte, Axel Melzener, Axel Welling
Video GirlAndrea
Script GirlsKirsten Voscht, Christina Stelter
Camera & LightDon Long
VoicesSilke Wünsch, Patrick Leusch
Voice RecordingJulius C. Kys
Animal TraineeW. Au

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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (66173), Kic'N (4336) and formercontrib (158029)