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Lyle in Cube Sector Credits

25 people (18 developers, 7 thanks)

Game credits

Game byNic Destefano
Graphics byNic Destefano

Music credits

''A Sad Touch'', ''Alone In The Dark'' written byarachno
''Demag'' written byBUTKA
''ST-Style'' written byDubmood
''Modern Talking'' written byEM(022000)
''her11'', ''No Mercy (Short)'', ''Trainer5'' written byEstrayk
''jttimarsu edit'' written byFloppi
''Moskito'', ''Saturn'' written byGammis
''Going Somewhere'', ''Heidi #7'', ''Sierain #2'' written bySmirk

End Credits

Special Thanks ToCows, the good ol' NES, that guy, isolation from society, Clickteam, the good semi-ol' N64, Chickencakes McGee
No Thanks ToSchool!!!, the enslavement of children, squirrel feces, giant intersteller space beings who devour planets (shame on you), people who have ''lives'', evil
Today's game was brought to you byThe letter 6, the number Q, & Multimedia Fusion

Credits for this game were contributed by Foxhack (31502)