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Lyle in Cube Sector Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

He's in your house, stealing your cat!
Here's your title screen!
Our hero of sorts, Lyle. He's a weakling.
See, even the game thinks he's a weakling!
You won't be able to pass this thing until you can actually attack it.
Hey what's this? Power-ups!
Now you can actually HURT them back!
Lyle isn't so much of a weakling now!
Green Cubes don't vanish after being thrown. They're recyclable!
Just like the game warned you - don't let those blocks hit you or you'll get hurt!
Take that, creepy plant of doom!
Cubes can also be used to get across certain areas.
Green Cubes are indestructible and also make handy stepping stones!
There are also Red Cubes scattered along the levels.
Red Cubes go BOOM when they hit something!
You'll eventually pick up a power-up that lets you jump higher by tossing Cubes downward.
Some areas can't be passed until you get more power-ups, however.
Here's all the areas you've explored so far. Press Space to see it while playing.
Oh no! Lyle is dead!
Crushed by the same instrument you used to kill your enemies.