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Mad Cars Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Intro (with a highly original theme :->)
Intro continued. Marlok organizer of Mad Cars
Intro continued
Title screen
Main menu
Picking a character
Battle in the Arena of Death. You need to kill 3 opponents that enter the arena ono after another
Select a championship. Winning this one unlocks the next one
Track selection. You have to pay an entrance fee for all but the first track
Start of a race on the first track; Autobahn
Racing on a curving track around a nuclear power plant
About to cross the finish line in first place. It was a close race
Buy better parts & repair damage in the garage
Two-player split screen mode
A tropical island setting. Two of my opponents have sustained a lot of damage
Viva Las Vegas. The black sphere on the track is a speed power-up
Buy a better vehicle at the car shop. At the right side is my own car, at the left side the one I want to buy
Next add some weaponry at the weapons shop (misspelled as weapon's shop)
Heavy combat at a militairy dump site
Everytime you win a championship a new car becomes available. But since you you have to start from scratch all over again, it will take a while before you can buy it