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Mad Dog McCree Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen #1.
Title Screen #2.
Main Selection Screen.
Difficulty Selection Screen. - Will you be Deputy or Gunslinger?
Main Street of our Western town.
He's a friend giving advice... but is talkin' way too much!
...don't let your friend get shot.
Got him!
Impressive stunt-drop from rooftop.
You're as good as dead, man!
The Maire's daughter... see what I mean? She'd be worth... takin' a chance for.
Stage Selection Screen - shoot at your next destination.
Inside the Corral.
A riot in front of the Saloon.
The barkeeper giving advice...
Meet 'One-Eyed Jack' - he's got the Jail keys you need.
One-Eyed Jack drew faster...
2 men down already - 3 left!
A blonde chick of the Saloon.
You want me, stranger? Here's the keys to my room... meet me there!
The Sheriff's Potemkin office.
Inside the Sheriff's Office.
The Sheriff - in his own jail jelling 'Get me outta here!' ... what a loser!
Lesson #1: How to shoot 3 men with 1 bullet?
... just shoot the sign above their heads.
The 'Territorial Bank' : Entrance cleared.
The cowardly banker... or is it the Deputy? Whatever.
Shootout inside the Bank. Anyone still thinks today's US banks are unsafe?
The Undertaker - The man you'll get to visit most in the game...
This you get to see after shooting innocent villagers...