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Mad Tracks Credits

52 people (32 developers, 20 thanks)

Load Inc.

Project LeaderThomas Leinekugel (Elkage)
Technical DirectorBertrand Carré (Slyben)
Creative DirectorHervé Nedelec (NRV)
Lead Programmer & World ChampionFlorian Pernot (Sik)
3D AnimatorNicolas Jeannot (Hony)
Level DesignThibault Gicquel (Teeb)
Additional 3D AnimationEmmanuel Petit (Lapin)
MusicLa Chimiz Prod
Lead of "Miscellaneous"Denis Bourdain (Player I)
Business DevelopmentDenis Bourdain
Sound DesignGhislain Soufflet

Frogster Interactive Pictures AG

CEOChristoph Gerlinger
COOFrederic Bichat
CMODirk Weyel
Chairman of the Supervisory BoardGerhard A. Honing
Product ManagmentJörg Becker, Andreas Garke, Gereon Hermkes
Marketing & PRStefan Balabanow, Mark Binnewies
Layout & DesignMichael Schlaak
Administrative SupportJanine Bichat, Katja Schmidt, Helga Billep
Additional Press AssistanceBorgmeier Media
Web DesignChristian Passeyer
Web CommunitytechSupp #1, Olga Broido, Christian Passeyer

Micro Application

Big BossRémy Poirson
ProducerXavier Laisney
Product LeaderKévin Allart
Press RelationsSandrine Loegel
Legal IssuesIsabelle Reinbold


Thanks toJean-ann Guegan (Photocop), Cédric, Laurent, Alex, Guillaume, Sylvain, The Wizardboys, The Grouiks, Ivan, Jérôme & Co, Mathilde, Cécile, Malo, Cathy, Pablo, Antoine, Antonin & Lucas, our fathers, our mothers, the coffee machine

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Jörg Becker, 23 other games
Denis Bourdain, 22 other games
Nicolas Jeannot, 15 other games
Bertrand Carré, 14 other games
Ghislain Soufflet, 12 other games
Emmanuel Petit, 11 other games
Mark Binnewies, 10 other games
Dirk Weyel, 10 other games
Frederic Bichat, 9 other games
Stefan Balabanow, 9 other games
Janine Bichat, 9 other games
Helga Billep, 9 other games
Michael Schlaak, 9 other games
Hervé Nedelec, 9 other games
Katja Schmidt, 9 other games
Gereon Hermkes, 8 other games
Christoph Gerlinger, 8 other games
Rémy Poirson, 8 other games
Xavier Laisney, 7 other games
Florian Pernot, 7 other games
Sandrine Loegel, 7 other games
Thomas Leinekugel, 7 other games
Christian Passeyer, 4 other games
Andreas Garke, 3 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Sicarius (61583) and jean-louis (48250)