Madden NFL 2004 Credits

Legal Notices

© 2003NFL Properties LLC. Team names/logos are trademarks of the teams indicated. All other NFL-related trademarks are trademarks of the National Football League., PLAYERS INC.
Officially licensed product ofPLAYERS INC. The PLAYERS INC logo is a registered trademark of the NFL players.


Lead Game EngineerJason French
Software EngineerTim Cowan, Scott McCaskill
Engineering InternEric Undersander
Lead Platform EngineerJim Hejl


Interface DesignerTim Spangler, Ruchita Burman
Assistant Character AnimatorGlenn Royer, Jeff Poole
Associate Modeler, EnvironmentsMarcus Cenci, David R. Keimach
Associate Modeler, CharactersMark Flewelling
Senior Modeler, CharactersDon Barnes
Associate Texture ArtistJeffery McFarland
Texture ArtistTed Sedberry
Interface Development InternDerek Brinkmann
Associate Interface DesignerMiguel Molinari
Senior Interface DesignerGary R. Boodhoo
Technical ArtistSteven Waller
Art Production ManagerJorge Hernandez
Art DirectorJacques Hennequet


Assistant ProducerJim Preston, Rod Moye
Supervising ProducerJeremy Strauser


Studio Art DirectorJohn Turk
Studio Chief Technology OfficerRobert Moore
Studio General ManagerSteven Chiang

Tools & Technology

Senior Interface DesignerMike Nakfoor
Tools ProgrammerJason Hochstadt, Bob Nystrom, Bobby Paulose, Sheetal Vaidya, Howard Yoo
Tools DirectorRyan Stradling
CG SupervisorJim Spoto
TechnologistIcer Addis, Scott Rich
Director of R&DDave Swanson

Central Services

Sound DesignerSergei Kossenko
Commentary AudioJason Ostresh, Matt Frederick
DatabaseCedric Carty, Donny Moore
Central Production ManagerOge Young
Senior Video SpecialistJ. Kelly Austin


PR ManagerWendy Spander
Marketing AssistantJorge Urban
Product ManagerMelvin C. Lenzy
Senior Product ManagerJordan Edelstein
Director of MarketingTodd Wolf Sitrin

Quality Assurance

QA TestersDarelle Banks, Shana T. Bryant, Cameron Burns, Troy Chapman, Rob Ferris, Ryan Ferwerda, Kyle Freeborg, Brian Goldich, Adam Hale, Scott Helmick, Kyle Hughes, Jon Price, Steve Ramsankar, Rone Smith, John Thompson, Marvin Vargas, Gary Ware
QA LeadAntoin Matthews
Senior QA LeadAlexander Plachowski
Manager of Quality AssuranceEric Zala


Additional ProgrammingHenry Allen, Brad Cupit, Deon du Plessis, Stephen Eckman, Josh English, Gordon Fong, Brian Hixon, Chris Hynes, Lance Jackson, Kevin Kralian, Daniel Martin, Derek Minton, Patrick Moore, Scott Nagy, Nathan Nordfelt, Jeremy Paulding, Eric Rehmeyer, Felix Rivero, Justin W. Russell, Stephen J. Rozner, Ian Schmidt, Mathew Thazhmon, Aaron Walker, Meir Wasserman, Ryan Westphal
Additional Art SupportMurtaza Nemat Ali, Jeremy Cooper, Siddharth Jatia, Jay Juneau, Marvin Rojas, Gianvito Serra, Carmelo Spatazza
Additional Production SupportIan Cummings, Phil Frazier, Kevin Johnson, Josh Looman, David Ortiz, Tom Renedo
Additional QA SupportTodd Curth, Frank Jay Hice, David Kollmann, Sean J. Lewis, Jesse Molina, John O'Leske, Tyrone Smith
Additional Development DirectionNikki Rohm
Additional Technical DirectionRichard J. Wifall, Michael Balfour
Additional Audio SupportAubrey Hodges, Michael Reed
Executive of MusicSteven Schnur
Music SupervisorCybele Pettus
Music ClearancesBeverly Koeckeritz

Special Thanks

Special ThanksGene Goldberg, Rich Seidlitz, Tim Langley, LaShun Lawson, Tirzah Orr

Additional Legal Notices

MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology licensed fromFraunhofer IIS, THOMSON multimedia
This product contains Macromedia Shockwave™ Player and Macromedia Flash™ Player Software byMacromedia, Inc., Copyright © 1995-2002 Macromedia, Inc. All rights reserved.
Macromedia, Shockwave, and Flash are trademarks ofMacromedia, Inc.
Photos © 2003NFL Photos / NFL Properties.
Riddell is a registered trademark ofRidmark Corp.
Cheesehead® Hat used by permission ofFoamation Inc.
The following names/marks are used by permission of their respective owners:Castrol, Gatorade, Frito‑Lay, MBNA, Motorola
The names and logos of the following stadiums are the trademarks of their respective owners and are used by permission:ALLTEL Stadium™, Aloha Stadium™, Arrowhead Stadium™, Edward Jones Dome, Ericsson Stadium™, Georgia Dome®, Giants Stadium at the Meadowlands, Gillette Stadium™, Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome™, Lambeau Field™, Louisiana Superdome™, M&T Bank Stadium, Network Associates Coliseum™, Paul Brown Stadium™, Pro Player Stadium, QUALCOMM Stadium™, Ralph Wilson Stadium™, Raymond James Stadium®, RCA Dome, Seahawks Stadium, Texas Stadium®
Cleveland Browns Stadium™ appears courtesy ofthe Cleveland Browns.
Heinz Field™ appears courtesy ofPittsburgh Steelers Sports, Inc.
INVESCO Field at Mile High® is a registered trademark ofINVESCO Funds Group, Inc.
Lincoln Financial Field(sm) appears courtesy ofthe Philidelphia Eagles, Eagles Stadium Operator, LLC and Lincoln National Corporation.
Sun Devil™ Stadium appears courtesy ofArizona State University.
The name and logos of Reliant Stadium™ are the trademarks ofReliant Resources, Inc. and are used by permission.
The name Ford Field is owned byFord Motor Company and used by permission.
The likeness and image of Ford Field are owned byThe Detroit Lions, Inc and used by permission.

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Todd Wolf Sitrin, 98 other games
Eric Zala, 82 other games
Steven Chiang, 78 other games
Aubrey Hodges, 53 other games
Gene Goldberg, 46 other games
LaShun Lawson, 43 other games
Robert Moore, 42 other games
Shana T. Bryant, 40 other games
Tim Langley, 39 other games
John Turk, 37 other games
Gordon Fong, 37 other games
Jeremy Strauser, 33 other games
Richard J. Wifall, 32 other games
Jordan Edelstein, 31 other games
Jorge Hernandez, 28 other games
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Cedric Carty, 23 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by Jake AM (9479)