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Made Man: Confessions of the Family Blood Credits

84 people (66 developers, 18 thanks)

Silverback Studios

This Game Is Dedicated to the Memory ofSteven Cain (1957 – 2006)
Management TeamMichael Delves, Steven Cain, Jon Oldham
Project LeadsStephen Ruddy, Kevin Green, Jim Bottomley
ArtLyndon Brooke, Dylan Bourne, Colin Rushby, Lee Clarke, Tony Meredith, Merlyn Lear
ProgrammingTony Pomfret, Chris Shay, Paul Dunscombe
Design StaffDean Roskell
QALee Cummins, Chris Barratt, James Sumner, Julien Ognier, Tony Burns
SubcontractorsPaul Johnson, Matt Harney, Eugene Laptev


With Thanks toPeter Ball, Sean Brennan, Mark Embleton, Harley Homewood, Craig McFadyen, Neil McKenna, Stuart Morton, Graham Orodje, Andrew Payne, Jo Wenn, Garry Williams, Gary Winter


Project Financed by Fund4games In Association With Scottish EnterpriseTim Gatland, Charles McMicking, Craig Hunter


The Storyline of The Game Was Developed byDavid Fisher, Based on his encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Mafia. Thanks, David, for your continued encouragement and support.
In-Game Story Adaptation Was byJim Bottomley

PRMark Ward (of Bastion), Lee Skittrell (of Bastion), Luke Geoghegan (of Bastion), Ciaran Brennan
Packaging DesignFink
TestingBabel Media Limited, Absolute Quality, E-FIGS
LocalisationBabel Media Limited
Special ThanksAll of those not mentioned who have been involved in the development of Made Man., We only listed those who stayed to finish it off, but we know that there were many others who made this game possible.

Music and Audio

In-Game Audio byFox Sound Studios
Special Thanks toWilliam Morris Agency, Creative Audio Associates
Soundtrack byRob Sawyer (for CouchLife
Licensing Arranged byFox Sound Studios and Couchlife

Licensed Music

An Eye For An EyePerformed by UNKLE, Norman Jesse Whitfield (Writer), Barrett Strong (Writer), Antony Genn (Writer), James Lavelle (Writer/Publisher), Richard File (Writer/Publisher), J. Asher (Writer), Published by EMI Music Publishing/Jobete Music Co Inc/Studio G Ltd, Courtesy of Universal-Island Records Ltd, Licensed by kind permission from the Film & TV licensing division, part of the Universal Music Group
You Ain't Seen Nothing YetPerformed by Bachman Turner Overdrive, Randy Bachman (Words & Music), Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing [UK] Ltd, Courtesy of Island Def Jam Music Group / Mercury Records [London] Ltd, Licensed by kind permission from the Film & TV licensing division, part of the Universal Music Group
Nowhere to RunPerformed by Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, Edward Holland Jr. (Writer), Lamont Dozier (Writer), Brian Holland (Writer), Published by Jobete Music Co Inc, Courtesy of Motown Record Company, Licensed by kind permission from the Film & TV licensing division, part of the Universal Music Group
Vernon Jacksonby The Brought Low on Small Stone Recordings
Fu La Sorte Dell'armi A' Tuoi Funesta from AidaGiuseppe Verdi, licensed by Naxos of America

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (257496)