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Mafia Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu. The camera turns around while you choose your options
You can create different profiles, so keeping track of several games is easy
In the beginning of the game, you are a regular taxi driver. Due to low powered cars in the 1930's, going up hills can be a chore. Just look at my speed!
I thought I saw a cop at the corner. Damn speeding ticket!..
Taking a short cut through an alley to escape a rival gang
My first mission for the Don; destroy some cars
Tunnels can be dangerous, as they're cramped and dark
Smashie smashie!
The game has many cinematic cutscenes. The Don here seemed to be happy with my ability to destroy cars
Quite a nice office, and one I'll probably be visiting often
Vincenzo is the gun man; I can get anything I need from him
Ralphie deals with cars, legal and otherwise. Until he shows you how to pick a lock, you're restricted to certain vehicles
In the car showroom, you can get a detailed and close-up look at all the cars in the game, as well as statistics
Cars can run out of gas, so it's a good idea to fill up every now and then. It's free!
Collecting protection money didn't go smoothly. It turned into a shootout, leaving Paulie and Sam injured, and me to fight
In order to win the race, I must steal the rival's car and have a mechanic remove some parts
Looks like a crowd has gathered around this jumper
Game over; I've been arrested. I only killed four people, too! Geez!
Shootout in a car park
Shootout at the airport
After shooting a cop you'll be wanted everywhere in town
That was close!
The map will help you to find your destination
The race level. Very hard to beat!
Headshot!.. Oh no... That was just an innocent passer-by!..
Silver Fletcher driving across a trestle bridge in the countryside, in FreeRide mode
Killed two cops who saw me wandering around with a tommy gun (FreeRide mode)
Yo, dude... Whaaaat up. We all just chillin' in this quiet neighborhood... right?
The city is cozy and full of detail. Here, I have created a traffic jam and also destroyed a fire hydrant
The city even has interactive streetcars, how cool! Wait!.. Can't you see I'm jumping to catch the ride?..
Looks like the game is very clear about what it wants from you! Actually doing this is often quite hard. Try to enjoy the peaceful weather in the countryside!..
The missions will send you to various interesting places all over the city - and outside of it. Here, I'm attacked by a dog near a secluded motel
Romance? I don't know... I do know that this is not a cutscene, and I just positioned our hero in such a way that he appears to touch the young lady
A traditional damsel-in-distress situation swiftly turns into the somewhat less traditional hero-can't-fight-well-because-I'm-capturing-this-screenshot situation
Oh wow, look at that - it's raining, and people are actually carrying umbrellas!.. And I'm wanted by the police. Swell day, eh?..
The game features unique loading screens for each missions. These screens are sometimes... suggestive
No self-respecting game is complete without a brothel level nowadays. Check out all the... artistic opulence
One of the missions takes you to the rooftops! But I decide to kill some innocent dudes below with a shotgun and then wipe my nose instead. Freedom of choice, right?..
Come on, guys! Don't arrest me in front of a CHURCH!..
Ahh, just soaking in this atmosphere: evening... A deceptively quiet night in deep countryside... Me standing there with a shotgun, donning a hat... That's life, people! Life!..
A tense indoor shootout. These are typically quite demanding. Check out everyone's dynamic animations
I decide to smash some statues with my trusty baseball bat
Waiting for a train at a station! This is not scripted or mission-dependent; you can do it at any time!..
Interactive train ride! I use this time to hit on a stylish Asian lady!..
Ohh, these effects are magnificent! A false feeling of serenity surrounds you... For a moment, you forget about the game's dark and tragic story...
No gangster-themed game is complete without a good old bank heist!..
You can just walk around and watch stuff. A train crosses a bridge... So nice
Nearing the game's end. A magnificent finale in a magnificent locations awaits you