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Magic Fairy Tales: Barbie as Rapunzel Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's load screen
The game starts by entering the player's name.
Celinda's garden is the game's menu. The gate exits the game, the red rose starts the story and the pink rose starts the game. The blue banner starts the picture section
The first screen of the picture section. The icons on the left are standard throughout the story.
A scene from the game that can be printed and coloured in
The start of the story. All good stories start like this.
This screen shot shows the start of the story. Phrases are highlighted as they are spoken by the narrator
This is a scene from the story. Its the same scene that was used as an example earlier in the picture section
After the written part of the story has finished the action continues, here the witch spies on Rapunzel and Prince Galen through the magic mirror
Key plot element - the prince has gone and Rapunzel is about to follow
Thre she goes.
The setting for the first puzzles. The sea nymph demands two silver shells as the price to use her boat. one from the dragon and the other from the ogre
The ogres house. This leads to a maze puzzle.
In storybook mode the maze is 'solved' by a single mouse click, in play mode Rapunzel must be guided through the maze
This is the cute 'Do you really want to leave the game?' screen. progress is saved automatically