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Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers Credits

69 people (46 developers, 23 thanks)


ProducerAlessandro De Lucia
Game DesignDavid Etheridge
ProgrammingRobert Colbert, Chris Taormino, Jim Thomas
Additional ProgrammingKim Crouse, Kevin Ray
ArtFrank Frazier (Lead Artist), Todd Bilger, Betsy Kirk
Sound Recording and EngineeringMark Reis
DocumentationJohn Possidente
Product Marketing ManagersStephen M. Haney Jr. (US), Lisa Humphries (Europe)
Creative ServicesKathryn Lynch, Jerome Paterno, Rick Rasay, Reiko Yamamoto
Quality AssuranceTom Falzone (Supervisor), Chris Bowling (Project Lead), Kevin Bane (Assistant Lead)
QA StaffRobert E. Abe, Paul Ambrose, Timothy Beggs, Matthew Bittman, Brandi Boone, Eleanor Crawley, James Crawley, Alan Denham, Michael Dubose, Grant Frazier, Michael Gibbons, Mark Gutknecht, Rosalie Kofsky, Jason Lego, Timothy McCracken, Roscoe Possidente, Steven Purdie, John Allan Ross, Rick Saffery, Dean Schwarzkopf, Mike Seal, Jeff Smith
Wizards of the Coast LiaisonsRené Flores, Emily Arons, Jim Butler
Very Special ThanksDaniel Berner, Jan-Maree Bourgeois, Shirley Carlson, Doru Culiac, Skaff Elias, Chaz Elliott, Karen Ffinch, Karol Fuentes, Karen Kapscady, Mendy Lowe, Johanna Mead, Joel Mick, Yasuyo Nohara, Marisa Ong, Juliane Parsons, Lenny Raymond, Roland J. Rizzo, Bill Rose, Henry Stern, Rob Stewart, Pete Venters, Rob Voce, Tom Wylie

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Credits for this game were contributed by Indra was here (20900)