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Game Critics (Jul 03, 2010)
Duels of the Planeswalkers is a faithful, if watered down, representation of a classic game that excels at drawing in new players and reigniting the old fire in seasoned veterans. And I got into it without having to deal with those assholes from high school.
75 (Jul 02, 2010)
Magic: Duels of Planeswalkers è la perfetta riproduzione della struttura di gioco classica delle popolarissime carte create da Wizards of the Coast. Il ritmo di gioco è ottimo, così come la sensazione di stare veramente seduti a un tavolo in compagnia di un avversario in carne e ossa. Peccato per la mancata possibilità di creare un grimorio partendo da zero, lasciando al giocatore solo 17 carte opzionali rispetto ai mazzi di base e peccato anche per la totale assenza di novità degne di nota nella versione PC nonostante sia passato un anno dall'uscita del gioco su Xbox 360. Il multiplayer e la modalità cooperativa sono il cuore del gioco, che durerà ore e ore a dispetto del numero non esaltante di carte presenti.
IGN (Jun 23, 2010)
It offers plenty of help for newcomers to learn the setup, and the additional cards you unlock as you play through the campaign means there are plenty of reason to keep plugging away against opponents. A number of modes are offered beyond that including special challenges and online play for up to four players, which means there's even more of an incentive to get your unlocks for each deck type. A warning to the more hardcore Magic fans out there – you may very well be turned off by a lack of full deck customization and only mildly flexible class-based color deck setup. Yet what's offered in Duels of the Planeswalkers, while it may be different from what Magic fans expect, is still an entertaining brand of card battle game, with plenty of depth, complexity, and unpredictability to keep you drawing from your library again and again.
Gamekult (Jun 22, 2010)
S'il ne remplacera pas le véritable jeu Magic en termes de flexibilité, de richesse, ou de possibilités, Magic : The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers est un ersatz sympathique d'un des plus célèbres jeux de cartes du monde, tout aussi efficace sur PC que sur consoles. Pas de quoi expliquer ce retard de près d'un an, et les efforts fournis par les développeurs sont assez minimes, l'adaptation du jeu aux exigences du PC n'ayant visiblement pas été la priorité. Le jeu reste toutefois jouable, fun, et toujours aussi addictif, pour peu que l'on occulte l'absence de création ou de modification des decks - une limitation qui disqualifiera probablement d'office une bonne partie des vétérans du jeu de cartes. Avec huit decks d'une soixantaine de cartes chacuns, des défis excellents (mais hélas trop peu nombreux), un mode multijoueur plutôt sympa en dépit de l'absence de coopération en ligne, la replay value est plus que bonne.
Hasta los Juegos (Jul 12, 2010)
‘Duels of the Planeswalkers’ no puede ofrecer lo mismo que ya ofrece la gallina de los huevos de oro en ‘Magic Online’ previo pago, por lo que había que limitarlo de alguna manera para tener un producto lo suficientemente atractivo para jugadores experimentados y primerizos que no solapase al producto estrella de Wizards of the Coast y que, en todo caso, los dirigiese a él.
Mana Pool (Apr 25, 2011)
Duels is a great way of introducing new players to Magic. It’s cheap, allows you to play the game with the proper rules, and even has extra game modes. If one likes it enough, they go out and buy the real version.This is more than likely given the annoyances that do come with Duels. The audio becomes grating, with only two songs on repeat, and the full tactics of the game can’t be explored. However, it is very helpful for new players with all the in-game hints, and the UI is great for understanding what is happening. If you’ve always wondered about Magic: The Gathering, but felt self-conscious about trying it, then play it on PC first. I guarantee you’ll be at your local hobby shop in no time.