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Magic: The Gathering Credits

91 people (73 developers, 18 thanks)


ProducerDavid Etheridge, Ned Way
DesignTodd Bilger, David Etheridge, Ned Way
ProgrammingKim Crouse, David Evans, David McKibbin, Chris Taormino, Jim Thomas, Ned Way
ArtworkMatthew Bell, Barbara Miller, Todd Bilger, Kevin Boehm, Stacey Clark, Gregory Foertsch, Frank Frazier (Lead Artist), David Inscore, Barbara Jeznach, Robert Kathman, Betsy Kirk, Daniel Mycka, Katharine Seman, Charles Shenton, Murray Taylor (Art Director), Frank Vivirito
Additional ArtworkJerome J. Atherholt, Michael E. Bazzell, Michael Haire (Art Director), Nicholas J. Rusko-Berger
MusicRoland J. Rizzo
Sound Recording and EngineeringMark Cromer, Mark Reis
Multimedia TutorialMichael Ely (Producer/Director), Timothy Train (Production Assistant)
Tutorial: ActorsRegi Davis (Sorcerer), Brad Howard (Ogre), Linda Lowe (Elves and Zombies), Rhea Seehorn (Witch), Timothy Train (Black Knight), Makela Spielman (Elves and Zombies), Tom O'Connor (Elves and Zombies)
Tutorial: CrewSusan James (Elven costumes), A. T. Jones (Costumes), Ellen Tannen (Make-up)
Shot and Arranged bySpicer Productions; Baltimore - Maryland
DocumentationJohn Possidente, Zoe U'Prichard (Help System)
PR ManagerStephen M. Haney Jr. (US), Lisa Humphries (Europe)
Creative ServicesKathryn Lynch, Jerome Paterno, Rick Rasay, Reiko Yamamoto
Quality AssuranceRobert E. Abe (QA Manager), Chris Bowling (Lead Tester), James Crawley, Don Emmel, Brandon Martin, Rex Martin, Joseph Morel, Robin Pole, David Possidente, Steven Purdie, Rick Saffery, Jun Yun
Additional PlaytestingKathy Abe, Christopher Evans, Sarah Heacock, Guy LaMarr, Rocco Martinez (Test coordinator), Neil McEwan, Dan McJilton, Beth Moursand (Rules), Marisa Ong
Liaison with Wizards of the CoastDan Cervelli, David Lee
Special Thanks toPeter Adkinson, Jeffery L. Briggs, Matt Fick, Richard Garfield, Don Howard, Christina Kruk, Anton Lorton, Christine Manley, Marisa Ong, Tony Parks, Lindsay Riehl, Paula Scarfone, Thomas Sewing, Lisa Stevens, Mick Uhl, Kerry Wilkinson, Darla Willis, Tom Wylie

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (158051) and phlux (4333)

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