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All things considered, I enjoyed Magnetic very much. There were some areas to consider in future projects. The interface could have been upgraded to include some easier mode to back track the linear pathways through the game. I did use the teleportation device as a form of in-game cheat to move between areas of the game pathways. I think that some of the hints were almost more obscure than the puzzles and in a few cases I never really could figure out what all the ?pieces of paper? meant. But that may reflect my own shortcomings as a gamer or puzzler. There was even a plot line that developed through the game that I didn’t expect - but was a nice touch.
Quandary (Apr, 2003)
So there is a lot to do in this package and a good few hours of playing time. I have to admit I have not won every challenge yet but I have tested them all for this review. If you are anything like me and enjoy this kind of gameplay then Magnetic is a fitting name for this game. I've been going back to it repeatedly for the last week, replaying games I've mastered just for the fun of it (and to boost my confidence a bit) before moving on to those that still elude me.
77 (Jul 17, 2003)
It's not every day that we see good puzzle games that are fun and challenging for players of all skill levels. You do need to be a bit grown up to handle the more intricate puzzles, but I'm sure even kids will enjoy some of the easier ones. Peter Hewitt again proves his skill with a camera, because the photographs are nothing less than beautiful. Yet, it doesn't really match Myst and Riven, but then again those games had more than one person working on them...
As much as it pains me to say it, given the earnest good intentions that were obviously part of Magnetic’s production, Magnetic is just not very successful as entertainment. The lack of variety among Magnetic’s games, coupled with the requirement that half of them must be played way too many times, produces an experience that is, at best, mediocre. Had there been more variety or less insistence on repetition or both, Magnetic might have earned a place among the near-greats. Near-greats like, say, Milo.
Adventure Gamers (Sep 03, 2003)
The originality and addictiveness make this a quality gaming experience - but definitely not for everyone. There's really no story, no compulsion to continue other than the burning sense of competition bringing you back to the game that you just can't seem to win. Lots of puzzles, and lots of games, all of which are very fun and all of which are brilliantly programmed.