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Mah Jong Medley Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game installs in a time limited form
This is the main menu
This is the game customisation screen
The start of a 'Classic' game begins with the player selecting their preferred tile set and pattern. 'ten' and 'Freecell' also begin like this.
A 'Classic' game using the Sunshine pattern. The bonus at the top started at 6000. the Freeview, reshuffle and Undo functions can be disabled in the game customisation screen
Bonus points can be scored by selecting matching tiles quickly
When there are no more possible matches a reshuffle is called for.
Game Over- but in a good way
This is the high score table for the 'Classic' game. It's the same screen for all the other games too. Only seven characters are allowed for the name.
This is the help screen for the 'Addiction' game
The start of 'Addiction'. The bonus was set at 8000 when the game started and it's counting down. The tiles with green tabs beneath them are the ones that can be moved
The 'Addiction' game has been going for a short while. The tiles that are in their correct positions are outlined in purple, they cannot now be moved
All possible moves in 'Addiction' have been used up. it's time to use the 'SLIDE' feature
This is how the 'Addiction' game looks after the SLIDE feature has been used. Gaps have appeared and ythis allows other tiles to be moved.
Game Over - and not in a good way. There are no more possible moves in this game of 'Addiction' and only one 'Slide' is allowed per game. A high score was still recorded though.
The start of a game of 'Ten'. The bonus at the begimnning was an immense 46,220!
Speed bonus points are available in the game of Ten too
Reshuffles are also available in the 'Ten' game
Game Over!. There are tiles visible that will add up to ten but they are not available for use. This still registered a high score though.
The start of a 'Freecell' game. The 'Game Over' messages and the high score table look identical to the other games.
This help screen explains the 'Freecell' variant