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Maisy's Playhouse Credits

44 people (31 developers, 13 thanks)

Sound Source Interactive

Produced and Written ByElynn DeMattia
Game DesignElynn DeMattia, Ahna Wagnon, Daniel C. Kinzek, Su-Zan
Associate ProducerAhna Wagnon
Lead ProgrammerDaniel C. Kinzek
Art DirectorSu-Zan
IllustrationAnita McLaughlin, Woody Norman, Su-Zan
Lead AnimatorJonathan Caustrita
Additional AnimationAnita McLaughlin, Ahna Wagnon, Su-Zan , Blayne Alexander, Gloria Sanchez-Weiner, Magic Moreno, Aaron Clark, Woody Norman
IntegrationAhna Wagnon, Blayne Alexander
Animation AssistanceBlayne Alexander, Magic Moreno
Sound EngineeringMitchell Sigman
Voice Over TalentThe Umbilical Brothers, Doug Stone
Installation ProgrammingJeremy Fowler, Kevin Deadwylier
Quality AssuranceKevin Deadwylier, Ken Fox, Daniel Roth, Magic Moreno
Executive Producer and CEOVincent J. Bitetti
Chief Technology OfficerMark Koenig
Sr. V.P., Worldwide LicensingPatricia Brown
V.P., Product DevelopmentPeter Gould
V.P., MarketingFran Cooley
V.P., National SalesTanya Baker
V.P., International Business AffairsEugene Code
V.P., OperationsLorena Billig
V.P., FinanceJeff Court

Simon & Schuster Interactive

Sr. V.P., PublisherGilles Dana
V.P., Director, Sales & MarketingWalter W. J. Walker
V.P., Creative DirectorJeffrey Siegel
Package Design byImage Factory
Special Thanks toLucy Cousins, Lucinda Whiteley, Jonathan Clyde, Lucy Fairney, Judy Burdsall, King Rollo Films, Nancy Cushing-Jones, Torrie Dorrell, The Umbilical Brothers, Peter and Barbara @ Mixed Nuts, T. Buffalo Wagnon, Amy Samuelson, and very special thanks to the Sound Source Maisy Team for all of their hard work and amazing talent

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Credits for this game were contributed by DJP Mom (11376)