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From an appropriateness standpoint there is fantasy violence but it's not really bloody or gory. You will be battling with demons and will be eliminating portals to hell so there are some occult themes. I was glad to see no real occult symbols used. Magic is used and cannot be avoided. There is mention of alcohol and some pub buildings. Lastly, elves and dwarves don't like each other so there's fantasy racism.
Hooked Gamers (Mar 31, 2010)
Playing Majesty 2: Kingmaker was a very pleasurable experience for me. If finishing Majesty 2 has not quite quenched your thirst, then I can wholeheartedly recommend this purchase. Now, I need to get back to the game for my second try at the final mission. Ardania needs its king. There are enemies to be vanquished for the good of the land and posterity!
71 (Apr 14, 2010)
Majesty 2: Kingmaker ist das Paradebeispiel für ein überflüssiges Add-On. Obwohl es natürlich mit demselben süchtig machenden Spielprinzip punktet, fügt es kaum Kreatives oder Interessantes hinzu. Nachdem man ausgiebig das Grundspiel genossen hat, sehnt man sich aber nach etwas Abwechslung vom Heldentrott. Die neue Kampagne mit ihrer Hand voll Missionen bietet zwar neue Gegner, aber eben nur auf dem Papier. Denn was bringen die paar Goblins, wenn man dann doch wieder gegen die altbekannten Ratten, Bären und Drachenfliegen kämpft? Der Unterschied ist nur, dass es aufgrund des gehobenen Schwierigkeitsgrades jetzt kniffliger ist. Eine eigene Kampagne der Bösen gibt's auch nicht, ebenso wenig wie eine neue Story, markant unterschiedliche Schauplätze, Helden oder Magie. Wer das Grundspiel durch hat, bekommt hier leider keine gehaltvolle Erweiterung mit spannenden Neuerungen, sondern lediglich eine Streckung des Bekannten.
Girl Gamers UK (Apr 02, 2010)
So, is this expansion a worthwhile investment?. For the big fans, yes it is. They are the ones who will get the most from this and also use the store for even more content. For the passing player, however, the content is a bit light on the ground. No drastic changes have been made and charging extra for content that maybe should have been included with this package feels a bit cheeky to me. What you actually get is good and fun, but there should have been more.
Brash Games (Jan 18, 2011)
The Kingmaker expansion adds many more hours of play to the Majesty 2 unique RTS engine. If you’re a fan of the main game and you have no problem with the extreme difficulty setting Kingmaker throws at you then I would definitely recommend this addition to an already fantastic game.
Boomtown (Apr 12, 2010)
As a grizzled and scarred veteran of the original this expansion pack offered a satisfying challenge to get my teeth into. Anyone who enjoyed the game will enjoy this expansion. It is basically more of the same but this time you start near the top of the difficulty curve. There is enough here to justify fans stumping up a tenner.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Apr 30, 2010)
Dit gaat de verkeerde richting uit. Nog steeds leuk voor de fans, maar enkel diep in de middelmatigheid.
Majesty 2: Kingmaker will appeal to two types of people; those who enjoyed the original so much that they cuddle the game box while they sleep, and masochists. If you breezed through the final missions of Majesty 2 and still feel unsatisfied, or you walk around with bulldog clips attached to your nipples, then this expansion is perfect for you. Otherwise, stick with the original.
AceGamez (Apr 13, 2010)
Of course, for those who enjoyed Majesty 2, I can’t help but recommend Kingmaker: it’s more of the same, faster, more hectic, and probably more demanding on your higher brain functions – but it feels like such a damn shame in game I felt was so close to being something really special, instead reducing it to some utterly mad clickathon. It’s still polished, still clever – shame it isn’t anything particularly special.
GameSpot (Apr 16, 2010)
Kingmaker will be up your alley only if you found yourself begging for more after finishing Majesty 2 last year. Nearly identical gameplay along with the demanding challenge of the campaign can make it a suitable chaser to follow up the first game, but there is nothing new here, and the difficulty is so extreme that you might just succumb to frustration before you give in to the goblins. Extra ingenuity on the part of the developers would have been much appreciated, especially by those who got what they wanted from Majesty 2 and were hoping for more out of an expansion.
Cyber Stratege (Oct 31, 2010)
Kingmaker apporte certes son lot de nouveautés, y compris au niveau des scénarios. Mais ceux-ci sont malheureusement parfois trop difficiles à jouer, et l’éditeur de scénarios trop compliqué à utiliser. Ce sera essentiellement ce qu’il faudra retenir de cette extension, qui ne plaira vraiment qu’aux plus passionnés.
As it stands now, players who loved Majesty 2 and who want more of the same should probably pick up a copy of Kingmaker for $14.95. Those who had issues with the original will not find that the expansion has answered any of their criticisms. And new players will not want to buy the expansion right away. Give the original a try. If you really like it, then pick up Kingmaker.

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