Making History II: The War of the World Credits

Making History II Team

ProducerDave McCool
Art DirectorRalph M. Gerth IV
Lead Game DesignerRalph M. Gerth IV
Lead ProgrammerMatt Seegmiller
Vice President, Sales and MarketingDavid Martz
Product ManagerChristopher Parsons
ProgrammingNeil Griffiths, Mike Gingerich, Bryan Yong, Joe Gester, Owen Heneghan, Robert Falconi, Kevin Thompson
Technical ArtistsTimothy Durkee, Jeremy Monken, Shaun Greene, Ryan Jarvis, Andrew Dobbs
ContentBert Snow, Tyler Vogel, Kevin Hutchins
3D ModelersAlexandre Nodia (Sasha), Seamus Flanagan, Ulf Ekelöf
Sound DesignKeith Zizza
Original Cover ArtBorislav Mitkov (
InternsAndrew Martz, Kevin Baxtrom, Frank Williams, Peter Bacon
Special thanksOur beta testers and the rest of the Making History community!

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Credits for this game were contributed by Klaster_1 (57980)