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Making History: The Calm & The Storm Credits

63 people

Muzzy Lane Software

ProducerDave McCool
Game DesignRalph M. Gerth IV
Art DirectionRalph M. Gerth IV
ArtRalph M. Gerth IV, Tim Durkee, Seamus Flanagan, Joe Piecott
ProgrammingTom McCormack, Matt Seegmiller, Kevin Thompson, Jon Homer, Ryan Jarvis, Rob Webster, Bryan Yong, Adam Timothy, Eric Lieberman
Music & Sound EffectsKeith Zizza
Content & Scenario DevelopmentSarah Grafman, Bert Snow
WritersSarah Grafman, Robert Meyer, Elizabeth Collins, Katherine Moore
Quality AssuranceChristopher Parsons, Muzzy Lane Team
Marketing & SalesNick deKanter, David Martz, Christopher Parsons, James Johnson, Jason Haas
Human ResourcesNancy Webster
Research AdvisorWilliam R. Keylor
Lead ResearchersMichael McGuire, Alexander Noonan
EconomistJosh Greenfield
ResearchersDavid Atkinson, Dane Cash, Jonathan Cohen, Susan Dawson, R.S. Deese, Jason Haas, Jessica Harris, Noah Kologe, John Kuczwara, Dan Roy, James Johnson, Abraham Lateiner, Don Meskie, Kristin Purdie, Ian Russell, Jeff Seiken, Joanna Sollins, Erik Snow, Karen Teoh, Mike Kenny

Strategy First

PresidentDon McFatridge
V.P., Product DevelopmentRichard Therrien
V.P., SystemsDave Hill
Chief Financial OfficerSheldon Reinhart
Director - European OperationsStewart Braybrook
Business Development ManagerEmanuel Wall
ProducerBrock Beaubien
Technical AdvisorDanny Kodais
Graphic Design ManagerLes Parsons
Website AdministratorJulia Herten-Greaven
Sales ManagerMaria Loreto
Public Relations CoordinatorJasmine Goyer
Technical SupportMichael Guttman, Robert Eaglesham

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Credits for this game were contributed by yonger (35)

antstream tournament