Malkari Credits


Original Concept & DesignAdrian Earle
DesignBrent Smith
Additional DesignScott Jacobs, Christopher Roby, Brian Stone, Chris Wall
Senior ProducerDavid Green
ProducerJeremiah Heneghan, Brent Smith
Lead ProgrammersBrent Smith, Chris Wall
ProgrammersEddie Davis, Scott Jacobs, Brian Stone
ArtistsJohn Amos, Allison Britt, Tim Buie, Mark Garcia, David Knox, John Zwicker
MusicBrian Safron
SoundChristopher Roby
Creative Writers David Artman, Brent Smith
Creative Editors W. R. Faulkner II, Steve Lieb, Dan Osterlund
Ingame TextDan Osterlund
NarratorSara Ley
VoicesChristine Heneghan, Angela Lipscomb, Jay Littman, Paul Potera, Clint Richards
Tutorials Wesley Leonard, Christopher Roby, Fred Welterlin
Multimedia Support Tim Allen, Wesley Leonard, Christopher Roby, Robert Stevenson
Launcher and InstallerSteve Bridge
Network Design Eddie Davis, Scott Jacobs, Tracy G. McQuillen
Quality ManagerMark Moormans
Test Coordinators James Cowgill, Dave Hefner, Sean McDaniels
Internal Playtesters Chris Ashton, Jeremy Bowers, Franklin A. Crawford IV, Chris Gardner, Christine Heneghan
External PlaytestersKent Coleman, Steve Lieb, Mark Logsdon, Jim Pedicord, Curtis Sims, Loren Webster
Product Marketing Manager Gina Waluk
Package Illustration and Design Allison Britt
Technical EditorSara Ley

IMagic Germany

MarketingFrank Michaelis
PRVolker Winter
Development SupervisorKlaus Starke

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Sara Ley, 17 other games
Chris Ashton, 16 other games
Chris Gardner, 16 other games
Brent Smith, 14 other games
Sean McDaniels, 14 other games
Clint Richards, 13 other games
Mark Moormans, 11 other games
John Amos, 10 other games
Franklin A. Crawford IV, 10 other games
Frank Michaelis, 9 other games
Scott Jacobs, 9 other games
Angela Lipscomb, 9 other games
Chris Wall, 7 other games
Kent Coleman, 7 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by PCGamer77 (3233) and Screewy (59)