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Advertising Blurbs (Developer's website):
    Build, design and manage your very own shopping mall in this sequel to one of the most popular Tycoon releases ever. Watch your stores prosper as customers browse through them in a 3D environment thats so detailed you can zoom right down to floor level and watch things from just a few feet away!

    Mall Tycoon 2
    contains everything people loved about the first title and much more! Radically enhanced graphics, a new and improved user interface, more staff and items to unlock and random events like floods and fires. This in-depth simulation is sure to please both newcomers to the series and fans of the original alike.

    • Choose from up to 462 unique store models including specialty areas like bowling alleys, banks and internet cafes
    • Manage every aspect of a major shopping mall, from hiring and firing mall staff to setting rent for individual shops
    • Stunning RenderWare® 3D graphics featuring a rotating camera with multiple zoom levels
    • Contend with random events such as floods, fires and criminals
    • An almost infinite number of shoppers, each with their own personal shopping preferences, mental state and financial standing
    • Research new technologies to improve your mall elevators, security cameras and more!
    • Promote your mall with seasonal events and advertising campaigns
    • Watch people pour into your mall by train, car and bus as the city around it lives and breathes
    • All new staff members like engineers and gardeners

    Contributed by jean-louis (52325) on Dec 05, 2010.