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Mall Tycoon Credits

65 people (58 developers, 7 thanks)

Holistic Design

DirectorAndrew Greenberg
Head of ProgrammingKen Lightner
Lead ProgrammerEdward Glamkowski
ProgrammerAndrea Ferris
DesignerAndy Harmon
Art DirectorJohn Bridges
Voice ActingBernard Clark
TestingBernard Clark, Tom Ricks, Andy Harmon, Katie Bridges, Jamie Bridges, Storm Bennett, Savien Bennett

Take 2 Interactive

ProducerTimothy Beggs
Executive ProducerRobb Alvey
Vice President of PublishingChris Mate
Lead ArtistBrian Weber
AristMike Yeiser, Dan Moditch, Stephen Estes
ArtistsKurt Miller
Graphic DesignerChristine Bates
Art DirectorMike Snyder
Marketing DirectorGreg Bauman
Channel Marketing ManagerMark Moon
Corporate Communications CoordinatorAnne Marie Sims
Marketing Communcations CoordinatorChris Larkin
WebmasterRobert Fletcher
QA/Tech Support ManagerPhil Santiago
QA SupervisorFrank Kirchner
QA Lead TesterScott Vail
Technical Support SupervisorSydney F. Saunders IV
Intl. Production CoordinatorJoe Covello
Computer SpecialistsKathy Richardson, Pete Stewart
ScenariosAndrew Greenberg, Andrea Ferris, Edward Glamkowski, Scott Vail, Frank Kirchner, Brian M. McGinn, Timothy Beggs
TesterJoshua Noll, Greg Peeler, Charles Franklin, Stephen B. Thomas, Roger Levy, Stacey Sharpe, Josh Rose, Ben Hamel, Daniel Karp, Jonathan Stephan, Lisa Nawrot
Technical SupportKatie Young, Patricia Saneman, Andre Liggins, Alex Bradley, Matthew Baros, Mykl Ranere, David Thomas
Special ThanksAaron Rigby, Peggy Zoltan, Linda Wratchford, Patty Santiago, Melissa Voggenauer, Mi Sherwood, Diana Grove

Take 2 Germany

Managing DirectorChristoph Hartmann
Marketing ManagerMatthias Wehner
Junior Product ManagerHendrik Lesser
PR ManagerMarkus Wilding
LocalisationEffective Media

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Chris Larkin, 39 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by Edward Glamkowski (108), Xoleras (66541) and formercontrib (158442)