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Manhunt Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

If you need a glass shard (weapon), break a glass
Iron gates can be opened with a crowbar
It is not very wise to attack multiple guys at the same time
Their advantage in quantity will result in a knockout (and last savepoint quickload)
Showing them their dead fellow member will make them weaker
Also a brick can be very useful when attacking multiple guys (it will make one of them dizzy)
Aahhh, crowbar, very useful tool
Baseball bat (red one - color shows its power)
By default, screen will look like a tv screen (with noise), it can be turned off
I wouldn't want to be that guy
This game is all about sneaking and killing
This guy doesn't have a head anymore - not pretty
TV view - cinematic mode
Killing a enemy with a plastic bag.
That video tape allows you to save your game.