Marine Heavy Gunner: Vietnam Credits (Windows)

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Marine Heavy Gunner: Vietnam Credits

Brainbox Games

ProducerJosh Druckman
Game DesignJosh Druckman
Level DesignJosh Druckman, Joe Grant, Todd McCullough
Lead ProgrammerNeil Gower
ProgrammerJesse LaChapelle
Technical ArtistJoe Grant
3D ArtistTodd McCullough, Michael Towse
Texture ArtistTodd McCullough, Michael Towse
AnimatorMichael Towse
Sound EffectsRob Holt
Script WriterRob Holt
Music Composed byNayan Williams, Derek Brin
Research ConsultantRobert C. Taylor
Additional AI ProgrammingMike Horgan
Special Thanks toJames Schmalz, Meridith Braun

Groove Games

PresidentJon Walsh
Executive Vice President, PublishingTrevor Fencott
COOMichael James Haines
ProducerChristopher Locke
QANelson Pavao, Tom Sirdevan
Art DirectorMatthew Hollingshead
Special Thanks toPete Young, Peter Thomas, Matt Johnson, Richard Marshall

HIP Interactive Europe

TestersJérôme Boudin (Uncredited)
Production TeamGraeme Boxall, Aymerick Després, Brice Davin, Mourad Majeri, Yann Carlier
Marketing TeamAlbéric Guigou, Jérôme Sicart, Marianne Pujol, Cédric Le Foll, Stéphane Missoum, Cyril Piner Mata
QA TeamPierre-Edouard Cilia, Nicolas Zumsteg
Special ThanksJean-Claude Goulon Camus

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