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Marine Heavy Gunner: Vietnam Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Intro movie throws you straight into the battle.
Don't shoot the other chopper.
You've gotta aim carefully and take out the enemies.
Be on the look-out for the guys carrying rocket launchers.
A napalm quietly runs everything down.
We need to refuel so they send me into this village to retrieve it.
This guy stood between me and my glowing target behind him.
Now you've gotta return and get into the chopper.
Your squad-mates. If you go up to specific characters and "activate" you can get healed or re-loaded.
Our crashed chopper in the middle of the jungle.
This village is filled with spider-holes and traps. Be sure to check around carefully.
Going across a path on the rice farms.
Sarge gives the orders and you must return to him to complete missions.
Entering the outskirts of the bunker.
When you are told to enter a gunner position you'd better listen to your orders or you'll lose.
This poor guy was just looking out the window when I snuck up on him. Sadly there are only about three different models for the enemies.
Ragdolls plummet down this steep incline when killed.
Nearing the top of the bunkers I deliver a nice little headshot.
Inside the bunker is crawling with enemy soldiers.
I guess that's why they call them bunkers.
Here's where they have their meetings, four levels underneath the bunker.
Also at this level are the dungeons. Glowing items are part of the mission objectives.
At 4:12 am the enemy attack the overtaken bunker. Now you've got to protect it.
Back into the jungle looking for P.O.W.'s.
The grenades do much more damage then they show.
The shotgun, like in many other games, is best at close range. However you don't find it very early on.
Approaching the ruins.
Here's the downed Huey. But where have they taken the P.O.W.'s?
This boat is your ride around on the river. Naturally the main guns are yours.
Attacking the shores from the boat.
This bridge must be blown up before you can pass underneath it.
The P.O.W. camp
Wow...well..that's a new torcher method I'd never heard of.
Everyone gets aboard this armored car to escape.
Take the gunner position and cover the evacuation.
Returning to the tunnels to hunt down Colonel Trung.
Approaching his hideout for the final confrontation.
Die, Vietnamese bastards!
red screen - i'm dying!
Our team.
a moment of peace - no enemies.