Marine Sharpshooter 4 Credits (Windows)

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Marine Sharpshooter 4 Credits

Groove Games

PresidentTrevor Fencott
ChairmanMark Rivkin
CEOJon Walsh
COODonald Henderson
VP of ProductionRob Sandberg
VP of FinanceGreg Donaldson
ProducerNelson Pavao
Associate ProducerChris Nesbitt, Colin Sullivan
Creative ServicesMatthew Hollingshead, Evan McMenemy, Michael Wandelmaier, Greg Hill
VP of SalesJim Kapogianis
SalesChristina Maggiacomo, Patricia Cunningham
VP of MarketingStephanie Galloway
MarketingDanielle Engels, Jeremy Buehler
Programming LeadJon Paul Schelter, Jesse LaChapelle
ProgrammingKashif Shamim, Sushama Chakraverty
Game DesignMatthew Severin
Art DirectorAlan Smithee
QA LeadSteven Yee, James Low
QADevin Licastro, Erica Gregory, Paul Da Silva, Matthew Garcia, Christine Brual, Brian Vickers, Maurice Mondelo, Lathieeshe Thillainathan, Adrian Marceau
Level Design LeadFran├žois Messier
Level DesignBen Aerssen, Rachel Cordone
Art LeadP‑Rock
ArtBradley Heitmeyer, Blaze, The Jake
Art Hud/GuiJonathan Boujos
Audio EngineerJake LaChapelle
Special ThanksBarbara Carvalho, Edgar Tejeda, Family, Friends, Marine Sharpshooter Fans

Crunch Recording Group Toronto

Voice Casting and DirectionSandro Mancino
Voice of HQBrian Wood
Voice of Jack ColeCraig Smith
Voice of Dylan HathcockTom Malone

GMI Technology

Managing DirectorMichael James Haines

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Credits for this game were contributed by Francois Messier (177)