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There is in fact an ending sequence; you get to see it when you complete all levels in the hardest difficulty level without using a cheat.

The ending sequence is pretty much just an unspectacular text which includes the line "during production of this game, programmer was injured...". This refers to the programmer Michael Krehan who broke his ankle under bizarre circumstances and wrote a part of the game at home.

Hidden message

When using a hex editor, you'll be able to spot the following text inside the executable of the game:
HEY! What are you doing in other people's code? Get outta here, NOW! What do you think you're gonna find here? NOBODY is THAT stupid and stores cheat codes in ASCII in the main executable! Try harder, buster.
Incidentally, the cheat codes ARE stored in plain ASCII in the executable.

Contributed by EboMike (3120) on Nov 07, 2001. [revised by : Patrick Bregger (257354)]. -- edit trivia