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Masq Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Introduction screen
Main starting screen
Macq's cast
The game determines your reading speed, this will influence the actions based on your responsive time, for a natural flow.
The game starts with the phone ringing.
Carlos asks you to cover for him. You can give in, refuse, hang up or do nothing at all.
This is your lovely wife Susan.
Peter is the designer of the new collection
Nikki is new at the office.
At a party
Close-up of Nikki when you give in to her.
I didn't play nice to my wife.
Peter is upset.
Something fishy is going on at the bank.
You decide to spy on Williams with Peter.
There is no sound, so a typical comic-style is used.
Susan is worried about the money, so you have to keep her happy.
This is when things are going well.
A view of the city at night
Williams is a dangerous character.
Calling Susan.
Spying on a scene.
Susan has been kidnapped.
Closer-up on Susan
The collection is about to be presented.
The police rush in.
Preparing for the fasion show.
This is when the show's been a success.
Shot from the fasion show
This is Alice.
Happy Susan
Adult content disclaimer
This is no ordinary game
Most video game love interests aren't quite so take-charge hot-blooded, but she's earned her temper
All's well that ends well!
Beginning the next episode
Ending an episode -- one day's events
Most game over screens aren't quite so clingy...
Promoting the replay value after the game is won