Mass Effect 3: Leviathan Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Choose to go to Dr. Bryson's lab to start the first mission
EDI comes along on this mission.
Encrypted data has been found
Dr. Bryson doesn't look so good.
Shepard asks for EDI's help.
Clues to the whereabouts of our next contact have been found an plotted on the lab's star map.
We're going to a mining facility next.
Fast forward .. we arrive at our final destination. It looks like a Bermuda Triangle kind of place. It's littered with shipwrecks, most of them ancient.
Early enemies aren't too difficult.
The mech is getting checked out by Cortez.
Shepard, inside the Mech, begins his plunge into the icy water.
Cut scene of the mech's first stride, with Shepard inside it.
Here goes nothing!
View of Shepard underwater in the driver's seat of the mech.
It's deep, cold and dark.
The view on the first plateau is beautiful.
What big eyes you have Mr. Leviathan!
Leviathan uses manifestations of people in Shepard's memory to answer his questions. (This is Ann Bryson.)
EDI looks good in FullHD. No wonder Joker has a crush on her
Dr. Bryson's lab exterior is probably the only place where you can walk on soil on the Citadel
EDI and Shepard discuss the Leviathan's route over the universe
Approaching the mining facility
The facility is a picturesque sight
Fire in the hole!
This facility is really not that different from Lovecraft's Innsmouth
Wall map of the facility
One of "possessed" workers
The enemy is coming through a breach in the protective screen
Shepard is being killed by the fearsome banshee
We need to protect the repair drone
One of the ancient artifacts
Preparing to land at Namakli
It's a real war zone here
Ancient cave art
The enemy have somehow activated the artifact
Confronted by a harvester
We've extracted Dr. Ann Bryson
The search for Leviathan is narrowed down to a single star system
New rifle - M-55 Argus
War assets gained in this DLC include Leviathan Enthrallment Team