Mass Effect 3 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Shepard, back on the Normandy.
As is Garrus
The menu has changed very little over the three games.
Checking out the engine
Conversations branch off into numerous other subjects and opinions.
Is it just me or do Krogan females look like Bugs Bunny when he does the drag routine?
I seriously hate this knuckle head.
New and improved weapon upgrading
Armour and appearance customization
Galaxy Map navigation
Williams has a new look.
The Citadel looks great.
Another familiar face
Loading screen
Shepard is actually showing some range of emotion. Something serious is about to go down.
Fighting Husks with the AR.
That escape pod looks very familiar
New weapons and upgrades can be found along the way.
Adept Powers in action
Several new enemy types
They got Dragon Age in my Mass Effect.
Charging up the new melee blade
Cover is essential to combat
Sniper Rifle, although it won't do much good against this guy.
Level Up menu
Commander Bailey
The Salarian Council Member
Dream Sequence
It seems the TSA exists in the future .
Admiral Hackett
Hey get off my new car asshole!
Defending the Citadel
Geth Troops
Going on a space walk
Slowing down time with Adrenaline Rush increases speed and accuracy.
Inside the Geth Consensus
Some stupid Vorcha dare oppose Commander Shepard
Epic battle on Tuchanka (FMV)
The most formidable enemy in the game
Fighting Geth on Tali's home planet
Man vs. Reaper
Illium, Asari home world
Love scene with Liara
In Illusive Man's hideout
The world's final stand (FMV)