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Softpedia (Jun 02, 2015)
The company had a solid team working on Massive Chalice, and the result is a mash-up of genres that offers solid fights, interesting long-term challenges, and an engaging storyline. I would actually recommend enabling Iron Man mode after a few test campaigns in the game because the overwriting single save structure brings out the best the title has to offer: tension, joy and challenging moments.
Game Informer Magazine (Jun 01, 2015)
While Massive Chalice isn’t much to look at, I couldn’t wait to see this century-spanning adventure through to the end. Double Fine’s strategy simulation is rough around the edges, but hard to put down. With more polish, Massive Chalice could have been one for the ages.
78 (Jun 09, 2015)
Doch so erfrischend diese Elemente sind, so überschaubar bleibt der rundentaktische Teil, der sich auf das Nötigste konzentriert, mit diesen reduzierten Mitteln aber solide Auseinandersetzungen inszeniert. Auf Höhenunterschiede und damit verbundene Vorteile muss man ebenso verzichten wie auf dezidierte Deckung oder Disgaea'sche Auswirkungen von Formationen oder Verwandtschaftsverhältnisse. Es gibt überraschende Gegner wie die Erfahrung klauenden oder die Kämpfer alternden Monster. Doch mit nur sieben Grundtypen hat man alsbald alles gesehen. Schade, dass Double Fine hier nicht noch mehr Finessen eingebracht hat. Denn ansonsten hätte aus einer rundum guten eine sehr gute Fantasy-Strategie entstehen können.
PC Gamer (Jun 01, 2015)
Judged as a spiritual child of XCOM, Massive Chalice is more of a brainy second son than an all-conquering firstborn. It turns in some clever twists, but doesn’t offer enough baseline complexity to support the kind of dazzling reversals the other franchise is celebrated for. It feels like the start of a promising bloodline, however. Perhaps one of its descendants will rise to greatness.
Brash Games (Aug 05, 2015)
Had I been using Kickstarter back in 2013 I would no doubt have backed Massive Chalice and been supremely pleased with the final product. However coming at it with unbiased eyes I feel that although it was an enjoyable experience there were plenty of aspects that could have been more polished and with more to do, plus the constant similarities to XCOM only made me yearn for another playthrough of Firaxis’ offering. I’d still recommend Massive Chalice to any fans of turn based strategy games, but advise you to reign in your expectations.
GameSpot (Jun 08, 2015)
That's ultimately Massive Chalice's most unfortunate shortcoming. It’s a game with enough ambition and execution to spark the imagination, and enough organic entropy to let you suspend your disbelief about the families you help sire. But Massive Chalice extends you the invitation and then offers you a half-empty world in return. Massive Chalice's entropy speaks to me. The random chaos that one marriage can wreak over the decades is a mysterious well of excitement. But the flatness of its world and the tedium of several core elements of the Massive Chalice experience is a high price to pay.