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Written by  :  Lord Zimonov (9)
Written on  :  Dec 29, 2000
Platform  :  Windows

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I sold Master of Orion II, just to buy it again after 6 months.

The Good

Ship design, AI, heroes, races and music. The good sides of the game. I've been always fan of SimTex strategy, and I must say that no space strategy game has yet taken MOO II its domination of turn-based scifi-strategy games. And that's damn well, this game is four years old! Master of Orion III will possibly be the heir to throne, but that's not certain. I personally love this game. So much that I sold it, and bought a new one after six months. This has never happened to me before and won't happen again, this Orion I won't sell!

The Bad

Nothing is perfect. Not even Master of Orion II. Worst thing is that some races never prosper, and some prosper always. Like in the middle of a game, usually Humans, Alkari, Bulrathi etc. have been eliminated. Almost always. And Sakkra, Klackon, Silicoid and Psilon exist. Always. But that's about it. With a bit of balance between the races, this game would have been a lot better. But, as I said before, nothing is perfect.

The Bottom Line

Civilization style turn-based Sci-Fi strategy. With Master of Magic engine. SimTex has upgraded the original Master of Orion idea much. Though now there is more micromanagement, but I like it. You can design your own warships, colonize new worlds and deal with alien races. You choose between war and diplomacy. There are also some random events, like antaran attacks or space dragon plundering your colonies. Yeah, and then there's my favorite, when you complete the game, cool ending demo finishes with these words: Your fleets patrol the skies of every planet in galaxy. This galaxy. But other challenges await, Master of Orion!