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TechRaptor (Sep 10, 2015)
This game is good looking, has a good, but small sound track, and is hard as nails. I would recommend it for any master spies, or any people that hate themselves.
GamingTrend (Sep, 2015)
Master Spy is not for everyone; it targets a certain niche of gamers, and it does it well. For those who possess the skill and patience to fight through it, this game will be a true gem. For everyone else, consider your blood pressure and play something else.
Master Spy is an expertly-crafted stealth game blended seamlessly with a precision platformer. It’s a very tough game, but rewarding and one that will have you saying “just one more attempt” over and over — especially as you get past checkpoints and just want to keep soldiering on. This game is not for everyone and if you didn’t grow up on super-hard games that tested every reflex, it probably isn’t going to be a game you enjoy. However, it is an absolute must-buy for anyone who loves a challenge. It controls perfectly, looks and sounds great, and does everything it sets out to do nearly flawlessly.
Defunct Games (Sep 07, 2015)
Master Spy is an example of neo-retro done right. It not only looks the part, but goes the extra step by fleshing out the story with captivating cut scenes filled with mysterious characters. While simple, the gameplay is easy to master and the invisibility cloak is a lot of fun to toy around with. I just wish our hero had mastered more spy moves.
Hey Poor Player (Sep 08, 2015)
Master Spy is quite solid overall. It sets itself up as an NES throwback quite well in almost every aspect from its gameplay to its graphics. The gameplay is fun overall, but is definitely suited toward those more versed in retro gaming (which was most likely the point anyway). If you consider yourself a fan of the classics and are okay with a bit of a challenge, then be sure to check out Master Spy.
80 (Sep 21, 2015)
Master Spy is een sluipvariant op Super Meat Boy. De game daagt uit, vergt precisie en beloont volharding. Waar het in spelduur tekort schiet, haalt deze tweedimensionale platformer op alle andere vlakken een hoog niveau.
Vandal Online (Sep 18, 2015)
Como podéis ver, Master Spy no sólo es un reto, es bonito y es muy divertido, sino que es realmente adictivo, de manera que hubiera sido ideal haberlo lanzado para una plataforma portátil como PlayStation Vita que te permita jugar en cualquier sitio. Pero mientras aparece la Steam Boy o como se acabe llamando y nos deje jugar a este título en cualquier sitio, podemos disfrutarlo en PC como se merece. Si no andáis demasiado convencidos hay una demo para probarlo, pero ya os digo que si os van los retos y os gustan los juegos cuya estética nos retrotrae a los 90 sin pasarse, este puede ser uno de vuestros juegos favoritos de la actualidad. Sinceramente, me gustaría saber si serían capaces de hacer una secuela en tres dimensiones tan divertida como el producto que acaban de desarrollar.
BagoGames (Sep 08, 2015)
It’s not impossible to outwit the dogs but since they don’t give anytime beyond two seconds to react, the levels start to feel discouraging. It may have been the developers’ plan to invoke the feeling of frustration and even hopelessness to make the spy’s situation dire. However, it becomes a bit tiresome after the fourteenth try on a single stage. At least once the player becomes accustomed to the game’s quick dogs and finishes the main levels, there are secret levels and bonus cutscenes to enjoy when replaying Master Spy. The cutscenes have that SNES feeling to them and gives the platformer a real story. Master Spy may be more for those who don’t mind struggling through a challenging platform game. Still, it’s definitely worth playing just to pretend to be a spy.
A competent take on precision platforming with creative use of stealth elements, but one that offers little reward for taking its punishment.
Brash Games (Oct 28, 2015)
I would usually judge this particular genre by returning to previous levels: judging the controls by how easily I can master past puzzles now that I’ve unravelled them, now that the inputs have scarred themselves into callouses on my thumbs. But the levels are as frustrating now as they were to begin with. There’s moments of brilliance, but you can only see them by forcing yourself through an hour of irritating insta-deaths. Master Spy has no unique ideas, and they’re not even executed to the reflective sheen that would’ve made it enjoyable. It’s serviceable, perfunctory. And in a market awash with ‘Nintendo hard’ platformers, that’s not good enough.
Twinfinite (Sep 27, 2015)
If you’re a big fan of the hyper-precision platforming genre, it’s got a pretty good take on it with some great dressing. If you’re looking for an action-oriented stealth experience, though, steer yourself elsewhere.